Easy Blender Salsa

Who doesn’t love a good salsa?  The crunch of the chips.  The tang of the tomatoes.  Then the bite of the jalapenos! Delicious!! This recipe is so easy, whips up in no time, and is sure to be a hit at any get-together! I adore this salsa because I am able to customize it to my … [Read more…]

Natural Ways to Reduce Inflammation

Here are some great ways to help reduce your reliance on over the counter anti-inflammatory drugs with some more natural sources. Disclaimer: Please consult with your physician and/or registered dietitian to make sure that these options are safe for you to take. I also just want to apologize for the lighting changes that occur in … [Read more…]

Sweet Sriracha Cod

Who doesn’t love some good seafood every now and then?  Crab, lobster, oysters, clams…oh! And fish!  There are so many ways to prepare fish that it should never be boring.  Deciding on whether it should be sweet or spicy though, that’s the hard part.  Why decide though, when you can have both! I adore seafood. … [Read more…]

A Quick Update

Just wanted to touch base with everyone!  Have a great day! What do you guys think of the ideas for the channel? Let me know in the comments below or in the comments section on YouTube.

Making BCAA Gummies

Hi everyone!  As you had seen from my last update, I officially have a Youtube channel!  Woo!  Please subscribe to stay up to date on all the information I can provide for you!  I will be doing updates and such on there as well as informational videos, possible monthly unboxings, a look into my weekly diet, … [Read more…]

Taco Stuffed Bell Peppers

I know that I have been a little sparse lately, but I am here with a tasty meal prep option to make up for lost time!  If you love bell peppers you will love these!  Juicy yellow peppers, stuffed with tasty taco seasoned goodness is sure to make your tastebuds love you all week! I … [Read more…]

I am Alive!

Hey everyone, I just wanted to apologize for disappearing for a little while.  Life has been increasingly crazy, but I guess that’s what happens right?  To give you the run down on what has been going on recently for me as well as what might be in the works for the future please check out … [Read more…]

5 Great Foods to Start Your Day With

In need of a delicious way to start your morning?  Here are five fantastic breakfast (or anytime) foods to spice up your day! All images in this post belong to their respective owners. 1. Chocolate Chip Banana Cottage Cheese Protein Pancakes by Eating Bird Food. 2. Brownie Batter Overnight Protein Oatmeal by Dashing Dish. 3. … [Read more…]

Females with Muscle = Wrong?

When did people’s choices to better their lives become such a target for negativity?  Social media allows for people to reach others around the world, but when did that entitle people to be so anti-encouraging?  Why is it that women who build their bodies up to a level of strength that makes them happy is … [Read more…]